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Custom Application Development

Today due to challenges in the business model every business has their unique needs, which need to be aligned with the business processes. Leonsoft services helps you to align your needs and put it in proper workflow to fulfill your business requirements. At our offshore software development center we have highly skilled IT people who will capture your business requirement and convert them to technical specification to meet your needs.

Our Custom Software services varies from:
    • 1. Development of Custom ERP Solutions in Advanced Java/J2ee Technologies as per Customer Needs
    • 2. Development of Portals on J2ee / Opensource Technologies
    • 3. Development of Portals Using the liferay Technologies
    • 4. Development of Distributed Applications as per customer needs and requirements.
    • 6. Development of Ecommerce Solutions using different frameworks.

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    We offer services on following software technologies
    • SOA Service Oriented Architecture & Web Services
    • Spring , Spring Mvc , Spring Webflow
    • Hibernate , Mybatis , JPA Java Persistance Api
    • Microsoft .net Platform
    • Enterprise applications: Bea Weblogic, IBM Websphere, JBoss server , Sun One Server, Glassfish server, Gerinomo etc.
    • Core Java , Advanced java , J2EE ( JSP, servlet), JSTL, Java Beans, Hibernate, Ajax, Struts, Tapestry, Java applet,Swing etc
    • Linux Platform
    • LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP/ Ruby / Perl )
    • Other Frameworks: PHP MVC, Symfony, ActiveDB
    • Ajax Frameworks: EXTjs, Prototype, Jquery
    • Other techology services: Delphi development, power Builder.

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    With successful experience in the software industry, specially with respect to application services in the international market, we have refined our approach to handle complex issues of software outsourcing and custom software development that enables us to deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

    • Insurance
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Real-Estate
    • Ecommerce
    • HR & Recruitment
    • Logistic

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    Our offshore custom software solutions includes:
    • Software application development
    • Web development solutions
    • Software porting and migration services
    • Enterprise applications
    • Application integration
    • Custom database applications
    • Custom .NET software solutions
    • Custom Java/J2EE solutions
    • XML & webservices solutions
    • Web 2.0 Rich internet applications (RIA)
    • Custom web portal development

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    Key Benefits as a Custom Software Development partner:
    • 100% Success & assurance of quality with LeonSoft.
    • Software development / maintenance costs reduction up to 70%.
    • Leonsofts high skilled IT pool in business and technology domain.
    • Unmatched experience in software services outsourcing and offshore software development.
    • Pool of highly educational, committed and honest IT professionals.
    • Refined software development process and Quality Assurance.
    • Transparent business relations

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    Custom ERP Software For Small And Large Businesses In India

    Enterprise Resource Planning software is of great use for every industry. It enables businesses of every size to streamline operational processes and improve profitability. The rising inflation and operational costs are big concern for multinational business organizations and small and medium businesses in India. You can find several popular ERP softwares in the market for small and large businesses. There have been many cases where business organization has not benefitted even after implementation of popular ERP system. There are several reasons for these failures such as many parameters in the traditional Enterprise Resource Planning software is hard coded and IT staff is requiring changing and maintaining the system every time it is upgraded. This result in several hours of downtime and complete program is compiled again and needs to be relinked.

    Custom Applications >> Cont.... :
    ERP Implementation Challenges For SMEs

    Small and medium businesses follow the path of big corporations and choose ERP to integrate companys system and information into one program. The primary objective of ERP implementation is to reduce costs and enhance productivity. However, if we look at the results majority of the times SMEs fail to achieve objectives even after ERP implementation. One of the main reasons for this failure is poor execution. Lets take a look at some challenges faced by SMEs in ERP implementation.

    ERP Software Benefits For Small And Medium Companies

    The increasing use of computer in daily business activities has increased the importance of ERP solutions for organizations of every size. Today, you can see companies using different kinds of software in every department. These softwares cannot interact with each other resulting in decreased productivity. The best solution to this problem is using an Enterprise Resource Planning software. Small and medium businesses can greatly benefit from use of ERP software as it allows them to improve their business and focus on growth.Lets take a look at different benefits of using Enterprise Resource Planning application.

    CRM Solutions

    To stay ahead of others in a fiercely competitive environment, it is imperative that you should seize every sales opportunity and not let go any prospective customer. To enable you business gain a quantum leap up-front, our CRM solution will be for you a valuable long term investment.

    Using our CRM/Salesforce solutions and our cloud-computing model, you can effectively oversee your entire sales operations, maintain healthy customer rapport, efficiently supervise your sales force and keep track of your budget as well.

    The salient features of CRM/Sales Force are - Customer Service and Support, Customer Analytics, Marketing & Sales Force Automation, Document Application - amongst others. Sales force CRM facilitates easy sharing and management of information and offers incredibly flexible CRM solutions that would effectively meet almost all your business needs. On- demand application is made simple in view of the range of services we provide.

    Small & Medium Enterprises that engage in complex business processes and in dire need of an efficient CRM solution that can seamlessly integrate with other customer solutions, will find our CRM sales force the ideal solution. The CRM/Salesforce we envisage is capable of easy integration, efficient data collaboration and will also facilitate mobile CRM solutions.

    Based on your business requirements and processes we custom tailor our salesforce solution. We provide hosted solution as well as licensed based deployment on your internal systems.

    Supply chain management (SCM)

    Supply chain management (SCM) can be defined as an art as well as a science that aims to streamline and evolve an efficient strategy for managing all the resources for fulfilling customer demands. Our SCM planning is to develop tools for you to monitor the supply chain so that it is purposeful, costs nominal and delivers high quality and value to end-customers. SCM entails scheduling the various stages needed for manufacturing, quality testing, packaging and timely delivery. Our SCM solution will enable you to measure quality levels, production output and your employee productivity.

    Our custom SCM development organizes the required logistics whereby you can coordinate the receipt of sales orders, develop a network of warehouses, select carriers to reach products to customers and set up a suitable invoicing system to receive payments. Using SCM we will also evolve a responsive and flexible network for receiving defective and excess products back from the customers and also generally support customers who have complaints with delivered products.

    Different Types Of ERP Software Modules

    In todays world Enterprise Resource Planning is termed as intelligent business solution that works to enhance productivity and increase profitability. The main purpose of ERP system is to interconnect different departments within an organization and improve flow of information. An ERP system consist several erp modules that work to improve different business processes which leads to overall increase in the efficiency of workforce. In simple language, an ERP module can be referred as a group of software programs that performs an important function in ERP software. Lets take a look at different ERP modules present in ERP software.

    Features Of ERP
    • Enhancing ROI
    • People Practices
    • Domain Expertise
    • Process Excellence
    • Technology Expertise
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Excellence in Execution
    • Flexible Engagement Model
    • Project Management Expertise
    • Opportunity to capture a market share rapidly
    • Opportunity to access the best in market skills
    • Cost-effective outsourcing during the initial period of build out and operating
    • Ability to launch a complete end-to-end solution in a short duration

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    Types Of Services We Offer :
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Healthcare Management System
    • Education Management System
    • Infrastructure Management System
    • Business Intelligence Management System

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    Types Of Module We Offer :
    • Accounting & Costing
    • Billing
    • HR / Payroll
    • Budgeting
    • CRM
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Call Center Management
    • Franchisee Management
    • Purchase
    • Logistics
    • LMS

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    Quality Service

    Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.
    -Peter Drucker

    Intelligent Quotes

    A solid working knowledge of productivity software and other IT tools has become a basic foundation for success in virtually any career. Beyond that, however, I don't think you can overemphasise the importance of having a good background in maths and science.....
    "Every software system needs to have a simple yet powerful organizational philosophy (think of it as the software equivalent of a sound bite that describes the systems architecture)... A step in thr development process is to articulate this architectural framework, so that we might have a stable foundation upon which to evolve the systems function points. "
    "All architecture is design but not all design is architecture. Architecture represents the significant design decisions that shape a system, where significant is measured by cost of change"
    "The ultimate measurement is effectiveness, not efficiency "
    "It is argued that software architecture is an effective tool to cut development cost and time and to increase the quality of a system. "Architecture-centric methods and agile approaches." Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming.
    "Java is C++ without the guns, knives, and clubs "
    "When done well, software is invisible"
    "Our words are built on the objects of our experience. They have acquired their effectiveness by adapting themselves to the occurrences of our everyday world."
    "I always knew that one day Smalltalk would replace Java. I just didn't know it would be called Ruby. "
    "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
    "In 30 years Lisp will likely be ahead of C++/Java (but behind something else)"
    "Possibly the only real object-oriented system in working order. (About Internet)"
    "Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible. "
    "Software engineering is the establishment and use of sound engineering principles in order to obtain economically software that is reliable and works efficiently on real machines."
    "Model Driven Architecture is a style of enterprise application development and integration, based on using automated tools to build system independent models and transform them into efficient implementations. "
    "The Internet was done so well that most people think of it as a natural resource like the Pacific Ocean, rather than something that was man-made. When was the last time a technology with a scale like that was so error-free? The Web, in comparison, is a joke. The Web was done by amateurs. "
    "Software Engineering Economics is an invaluable guide to determining software costs, applying the fundamental concepts of microeconomics to software engineering, and utilizing economic analysis in software engineering decision making. "
    "Ultimately, discovery and invention are both problems of classification, and classification is fundamentally a problem of finding sameness. When we classify, we seek to group things that have a common structure or exhibit a common behavior. "
    "Perhaps the greatest strength of an object-oriented approach to development is that it offers a mechanism that captures a model of the real world. "
    "The entire history of software engineering is that of the rise in levels of abstraction. "
    "The amateur software engineer is always in search of magic, some sensational method or tool whose application promises to render software development trivial. It is the mark of the professional software engineer to know that no such panacea exist "

    Core Values ?

    Agile And Scrum Based Architecture

    Agile software development is a group of software development methods based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration.....


    Core Values ?

    Total quality management

    Total Quality Management / TQM is an integrative philosophy of management for continuously improving the quality of products and processes. TQM is based on the premise that the quality of products and .....


    Core Values ?

    Design that Matters

    We are more than code junkies. We're a company that cares how a product works and what it says to its users. There is no reason why your custom software should be difficult to understand.....


    Core Values ?

    Expertise that is Second to None

    With extensive software development experience, our development team is up for any challenge within the Great Plains development environment. our Research works on IEEE international papers are consider....


    Core Values ?

    Solutions that Deliver Results

    We have a proven track record of developing and delivering solutions that have resulted in reduced costs, time savings, and increased efficiency. Our clients are very much ....


    Core Values ?

    Relentless Software Testing

    We simply dont release anything that isnt tested well. Tell us something cant be tested under automation, and we will go prove it can be. We create tests before we write the complementary production software......


    Core Values ?

    Unparalled Technical Support

    If a customer needs technical support for one of our products, no-one can do it better than us. Our offices are open from 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday, and soon to be 24hours. Unlike many companies, you are able to....


    Core Values ?

    Impressive Results

    We have a reputation for process genius, fanatical testing, high quality, and software joy. Whatever your business, our methods will work well in your field. We have done work in Erp Solutions ,e-commerce, Portal Solutions,IEEE Research....



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